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SEO & Media

Getting your website and marketing content onto the first page of a Google search is critical, either as the first 3 results or as a paid advertisement. Everyone talks about the need to own your online brand and get in front of people, but SEO and SEM can be very expensive and you are probably competing against some large institutions with multi-million dollar budgets. We take a practical approach that allows you to compete with bigger established institutions by being smarter with your marketing budget and increasing your leads and sales.

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Accreditation and Compliance

We can assist you with getting ASQA, TEQSA and CRICOS accreditation for your college in Australia. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Your website may be the very first time a prospective student has interacted with your institution and brand. And first impressions always count. But increasingly students are not landing on your homepage, but rather than on the actual page that most matters to them, such as the program they want to study. We know what students want and expect. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, nice to look at and also full of relevant information. We take you through this from the student’s perspective so you can improve your lead conversion.

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Social media

Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Vine? Youtube? Tumblr? We decode the language around social media to make sense for your business. We analyse your business and where your students come from to give you the advice about which channel and what messages work the best.

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Brand and brand value are not just fluffy concepts somewhere out there – your brand has a specific dollar value and we help you uncover this. Your brand is your identity and it means very specific things to your prospective students. We demystify brand and bring it down to real common sense. We show you how to articulate who you are, why you are doing what you are and create the stories that attract students to make an enquiry.

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Creative content

The visual element is critical for international customers – your students, and the people who influence their decision about where to enrol, are made by people who speak English as a second language (if they speak it at all). It is absolutely critical to get your message conveyed through the right messages. We know how to choose the right pictures to speak about your broader brand and personality that will increase your offshore market.

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Business & Partnerships development

You can’t do it all by yourself, and neither can your business. We do a deep dive on your business and your long term goals to identify the right partners onshore and offshore to help your business continue on a growth trajectory. Strategic partnerships are the foundation of 21st century business growth and we can help you on this trajectory.

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Communication planning

Do you know the best time to start your marketing campaigns? What messages work at different times during your recruitment cycle? How do you move someone from being interested to downloading a brochure and talking to your recruitment team? We do  and we have a highly refined timeline based off extensive research and real world experience.

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Planning is a business critical process, and ensuring that you have planned your marketing activity and spend to maximise the lead conversion and enrolment outcomes is what we do. This goes beyond timing – we identify the right channels, where you should be on social media, whether video is the best option and a myriad of other alternatives. We take the complexity of a comprehensive marketing plan and break it down into simple elements giving you confidence that the dollars you spend can acheive the greatest impact on your bottom line.

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Research report & Analytics

Are you using the right data to inform your long term business planning? We take a long term approach to integrating disparate and seemingly unconnected data points to integrate a cohesive trend analysis so you can get ahead of your competitors.

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You need to focus on running your institution today. We help you grow your institution for tomorrow.

We are a complete end to end solution for education providers – we get students to look at your website, make an enquiry, help your conversions and enrolments and take your business offshore. Regulatory requirements and audits as well as getting you on the register. Our business is to help take your business into new markets and increase your student enrolments. A straight talking, common sense approach to the big issues facing your business and offering the solutions required to grow.

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Common sense strategies to guide your entry into international student markets.

I have over 20 years of international language and education experience, I’ve been in the trenches running colleges so I know exactly what you need to know. Combined with my team’s expertise we bring the weight of experience to back up our advice.

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Edex Services

Build your digital capabilities to meet the expectations of digitally savvy students.

We can take the load off of you, and tailor the best solution for you and your college. We decode the choices to provide simple common sense tactics to grow your business.

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